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Laser Direct Transfer of Graphene on Si and PDMS

NTUA’s team has demonstrated the controllable Laser Direct Transfer of Graphene for the formation of arrays with resolution in the order of 50 μm on Si and PDMS substrates in the recently published article [1]. Using LIFT, CVD graphene pixels of 30 μm x 30 μm in size were transferred on SiO2/Si and flexible polymer (PDMS) substrates. The potential of upscaling this novel approach by reaching sizes of up to 300 μm x 300 μm for transferred graphene patches is also demonstrated. As can be seen in Figure 1, Raman color mapping and SEM characterization, revealed that LIFT can enable, in a reproducible manner, the seamless ejection of a graphene monolayer and its attachment on a receiving SiO2/Si or polymer substrate.

Figure 1. Laser printing of single layer CVD graphene on SiO2/Si and PDMS and Raman color map of the printed graphene pixels. (a) Optical microscopy image of a laser printed graphene array on SiO2/Si, (b) SEM image of graphene pixel highlighted in red in (a), (c) Optical microscopy image of 4 graphene arrays printed on PDMS and comprising 10x10 graphene pixels each, (d) Raman color map of I2D/IG peak intensity ratio within a single graphene pixel printed on SiO2/Si (pixel 10 in (e)), (e) Raman spectra of 10 distinct laser printed graphene pixels on SiO2/Si.


NTUA has thus demonstrated the capacity of the LIFT technique to achieve the selective, defect-free and digital transfer of CVD-grown graphene without the need for post-printing processing steps.

Ref. [1] "A direct transfer solution for digital laser printing of CVD graphene”, Symeon Papazoglou, Dimitrios Kaltsas, Adamantia Logotheti, Amaia Pesquera, Amaia Zurutuza, Leonidas Tsetseris and Ioanna Zergioti, in 2D Materials, 8(4), 045017, (2021)

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