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Award for Best Poster

Award for Best Poster

The poster, with the title “Laser-Induced Transfer of graphene and 2D materials on flexible substrates for a 2D heterostructure-enabled application”, and authors Adamantia Logotheti, Filimon Zacharatos, Symeon Papazoglou, Dimitrios Kaltsas, Leonidas Tsetseris and Ioanna Zergioti from National Technical University of Athens, Amaia Pesquera and Amaia Zurutuza from Graphenea Semiconductors, was presented at the conference 20-24 September Graphene Week 2021, Graphene Flagship.

The poster received an award for Best Poster of the session Growth and Processing.

Poster Logotheti Adamantia 20-24 Sept. Graphene Week 2021
Download PDF • 3.20MB

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