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Project Management.

Task 6.1. Work progress monitoring – contractual administration. (Μ01-Μ36) [NTUA]

Close monitoring of the technical performance and results of the project. Regular updates of the risks and their contingency plans; preparation and timely submission to the EC of periodic reports; compliance by all partners to the contractual documents (Grant Agreement and Annexes, Consortium Agreement); negotiation of contract amendments; administer the EC financial contribution according to the contractual provisions. (D6.1, D6.2)


Task 6.2. Day-to-day management. (M01-M36) [NTUA, EXEL]

Handle the project correspondence with external bodies and the day-to-day internal communication between the partners; monitor budget vs expenditures and support partners on financial issues such as eligibility of costs; prepare, execute and post-process project meetings. (D6.1, D6.2). NTUA will lead the project management, EXEL will provide very experienced personnel to:

1. Facilitate the communication between the consortium partners by providing effective tools and techniques

(Teleconference, webinars etc)

2. Logistical support and follow-up of consortium meetings (physical or web) and related activities.

3. Organization and follow up of General Assembly and Steering Committee decisions.

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