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Dissemination and Exploitation.

Task 5.1. Detailed planning and development of Communication and Dissemination Strategy - knowledge management(Μ01-Μ36) [EXEL, All partners]

This Task includes: i) Creation of a website and social media accounts (D5.2), project logo (already created and present on the first page of the proposal), design LEAF-2D visual identity; ii) Participation to external conferences and events, production of communication material, publication of press releases, distribution of an electronic project newsletter and iii) Organisation of technical workshops a final conference, production and continuous update of a project handbook with all project results and findings. (D5.1)


Task 5.2. Dissemination, Exploitation and Data Management. (M01-M36) [EXEL, All partners]

Task 5.2 comprises publication screening, enquiries into the state-of-the-art, market analyses and development of a business model strategy (D5.4). A training session on IPR and Technology Transfer will be organised during the first annual meeting. The data generated in LEAF-2D will be made available for verification and re-use by external stakeholders. A detailed DMP will be delivered in M06 (D5.3). EXEL will lead WP5. NTUA will collaborate with EXEL for maximising the impact of communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. All partners will contribute to WP5 with their communication networks.

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