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Laser Direct Transfer (LDT) process: LIBT and LIFT.

Task 2.1. LIBT and LIFT process maps and specifications. (M01-M12) [SOUTHAMPTON, NTUA]

In this Task, NTUA and ORC will set the specifications for the LDT processes according to the end applications requirements (T3.1 and T4.1). Detailed process maps of LIBT and LIFT will be drafted and will constitute the basis for all the laser processes involved in the project. (D2.1)


Task 2.2. Development of LDT process optimized for 2D material transfer. (M01-M24) [SOUTHAMPTON, NTUA]

This Task is focused on the development of the LDT processes for the transfer of existing (or commercially available) 2D materials (e.g. Sb2Se3, SnSe) on bare Silicon and flexible test substrates (D2.1, MS3). SOUTHAMPTON will focus on the LIBT process for the transfer of 2D SC pixels on silicon substrates, using fs laser pulses at 1030 nm and 1500nm. The resulting resolution and transfer quality will dictate the optimal parameters of the LIBT process. NTUA will develop the LIFT process for transferring 2D pixels on flexible substrates. For this, fs and ps laser systems will be employed of various wavelengths (i.e. 1560, 1064, 780, 532 nm) according to the specifications set in Task 4.1. NTUA will also conduct finite-temperature MD simulations (either at the ab-initio or classical level) to identify the conditions and mechanisms that will allow the detachment of a 2D monolayer and its intact transfer to the receiving substrate.


Task 2.3. LDT of the grown 2D materials onto Silicon and flexible platforms. (M13-M36) [SOUTHAMPTON, NTUA]

This Task is dedicated to the high resolution 2D material transfer on Si transceiver and flexible platforms (test substrates) provided by MELLANOX. SOUTHAMPTON and NTUA will work with the 2D materials that will be synthesized in WP1 (second batch). The fine tuning of LDT processes will take place: beam shaping and laser pre-machining. ORC will lead this task, focusing on intact single layer pixel transfer on Si, and NTUA will contribute in the high resolution transfer 2D layers on flexible substrates using LIFT (D2.2, MS4).

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